Rib on the Bone

by Jan 5, 2022

Another entertaining recipe (one of these will feed 6 – 8 people)

I actually bought two of these from my butcher (one was a 4 point, the other a 3 point) and we fed 16 adults comfortably.

To start you need to sear the outside of the beef on all sides, I like to do it in a large pan so that as the oil splashes it doesn’t go everywhere making the clean up further painful.

In the pan I put a generous amount of vegetable oil (always vegetable and not olive oil as it has a higher boiling point), salt, pepper, butter and some bay leaf

Once its nice and hot I carefully place the beef in the pan and as each side is browned, I carefully turn it until all sides are browned.

I then transfer my beef to a large baking pan where after a few hours of marinating I will cook the beef in the oven.

Searing the beef

I line the roasting pan with baking paper (as it make the cleaning up soooooo much easier) And add, chunks of carrot, celery, diced onion, bay leaf, salt, pepper and butter.

I then pour the juices from the pan over the beef for the extra flavor sensation.

I cooked for 2 hours at 170 then rested for 1/2 and hour which cooked the beef to medium.

Enjoy xx


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