by Oct 26, 2021

My mummy journey

I had my first son via emergency c-section a few weeks after turning 30.

My Doctor kept telling me how young I was, I didn’t feel young, I thought I was of average age to start a family. I was so underprepared, none of my close girlfriends have had children and for the first little phase there it was quite isolating (no driving, needing help to do mundane tasks due to stitches etc from the surgery) But you slowly get into your groove and form a routine. The first 3 – 4 months are amazing for routine. Your baby will feed, burp, poop & sleep; Wake up and repeat. You find time to sleep when they do, put a load of washing on or laundry on, go for a walk to your local cafe meet a friend etc and you can because the routine affords you this. Once your baby starts to crawl Its a totally different ball game. You have to watch them like a hawk and the freedom you slowly starts to fade.

And I think as new mums we feel the pressure to keep the house a certain way, have dinner prepared, be on top of house hold chores and still do things for yourself like gym, nails, hair and at times it just isn’t going to happen.

There is no shame in asking for help – we cannot do it all alone, a babysitter, nanny, friends, family however carving out time for yourself works for you – do it! Just because we become mums doesn’t mean we stop being ourselves and i think thats such an important message. Especially anyone who has become a first time mum during Covid – I cant even imagine.

Childcare, gymbaroo, gymnastics, rhyme time at libraries, mother’s groups all of these options are a great place to start and you will meet parents and children of similar ages, that will probably live locally to you – it will help to build a friendship network that you can plan play dates with at the park, picnics etc

I learnt alot from other mums, their experiences, tricks & tips – dont ever think a scenario or experience is embarrassing to talk about – we have all been there or will be there at one point.

They will grow and you will get to see their imaginations grow, their personalities, their zest for life – it will be challenging, tiring, frustrating but so god damn rewarding.

Bottom line you need to be ready as you wont get a sleep in ever again for a really long time, your life will revolve around someone else and you have to be willing to accept the changes that are inevitable. When they cuddle you, say they love you, run to you and kiss you goodnight its all worth it and the tough days fade away, until their teenagers and then ill get back to to you.

LOL xx

My son’s Joss & sonny
Pregnant with Sonny

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