Covid & its social pressures

by Feb 22, 2022

I have tried not to dwell on Covid here, yet I feel this will be the only time I address it and I am I’m constantly torn and conflicted as our lives are progressing towards a new ‘normal’.

As you know I have 2 young boys (4 & 8) both of which attend school; my 4 year old is in a kinder program run by a school.

So the twice weekly RAT testing was welcomed by myself as it meant that they would not be missing it out on any more school – hallelujah!

My youngest had Covid just before Christmas and was without any symptoms whatsoever (very lucky here) and we did the 10 day isolation as was directed at the time. Thank god I was organised with the Christmas presents as our first day out of isolation was Christmas Day! However no one else in our family contracted the spicy cough so it was bitter sweet in a way as I am now conscious that at some point we will probably be isolating as a unit together again.

This in lies my dilemma…..

My work has been greatly affected by Covid, I have had to remote learn with my children, at times things have been very stressful, we endured one of the longest and harshest lockdowns and still at the forefront of mind was…. How can we all help to get through this quicker, safer and together?

Forget politics & vaccination debates – what I mean is that as a population as human beings what can we do to help, support and guide each other through for the greater good of everyone.

I would like to think that I am teaching my children how to be citizens of the world, how to care for people all over the world, show empathy be respectful, kind etc and I fear that is what we have lost during these covid times.

As we see a return to office workers in the city, mask rules relaxed in certain scenarios, Im conflicted with some people’s carefree attitude and those that are willing to break isolation rules. I understand that it is a complete nuisance to have to isolate when you don’t actually have the blasted bug you simply live with someone who does; the problem here is that we dont know if you will then develop symptoms or become unwell.

  • when did we stop doing the right thing because we no longer care if it impacts someone else?
  • When did we start prioritizing having people at work (who may be potentially unwell) over other people’s health?
  • What does that say about how we value each other?
  • How is this impacting people’s already fragile states of mind?

All of this sends my mind into a free fall to be completely honest.

I think until we all have had Covid and get through this year ahead, these kinds of issues will arise and we will have to decide how we handle them.

Personally I need to remove myself from areas of potential conflict. I find it hard that I could be potentially putting my family at risk if im in a potentially risky setting at work.

As a mum i want to protect my family and it can be so hard doing just that in the current environment.

Any thoughts, survival tips that are helping to get you through id love to hear.

x Be kind to each other it is literally free and you never know who needs your kindness these days


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