Hi, I’m Nic,

welcome to my blog.

Some of my favourite things





I am a 38-year-old, mum of two energetic boys living in Melbourne Australia with my husband, our Maltese Fifi and juggling the everyday throws of life whilst working Full Time in Hospitality as an Operations Manager.

Melbourne has recently become the most ‘locked down’ city during the Covid-19 pandemic; which is what has led me to create ‘Healthy with Nicoletta’.

I needed something to keep me going each day, to keep myself connected out there with friends in a positive way which proved to be quite difficult enduring lockdown after lockdown.

I started with food and workout videos on my socials which has now evolved to this blog site.

My hope is that this platform will be a way to connect with others looking to empower themselves, to make a positive change in their lives by first and foremost showing up for you ‘ourselves’ and seeing that positive energy trickle through every facet of your daily life.

xx Nicoletta

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